This add on(DBS-T head) fit for Night Master V1/V2/XSeacher/CL1H-T.

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DBS-T head(including reflector, pill)-$58 -$36.49





Remote Switch Wire clip & Grip ring
Remote SW T Clip
TT(Tactical & Tailstanding) tailcap Adjustable scope mount
TailcapTT Cap Mount


  • Remote switch and TT Tailcap works with DBS V2, V3, CL1H V4, Night Master, XSeacher .
  • Wire clip and grip ring fit DBS-T, CL1H-T, Night Master, XSeacher.
  • scope mount fits multiple scope sizes, including 1" and 30mm.
  • TT (Tactical & Tailstanding) tailcap with removable tailstanding ring-fit for CL1H V4, CL1H-T, DBS V2/V3, DBS-T, Night Master.


Extension tube:

Adaptor EXT650
Adapter EXT 650
EXT500 Neck Section
EXT 500 Neck


  • EXT650 for 2x18650.
  • EXT500 for 2x18500, 3xCR123A.
  • EXT650 & EXT500 fit for DBS V2/V3/CL1H V4/Night Master/XSeacher
  • Neck section fit Night Master V2 & XSeacher.
  • Adaptor for DBS(V2, V3, -T) and CL1H (CL1H V4, CL1H-T)



18650 Charger-D

Specifications below:

  • can charge either protected or unprotected battery.
  • two slot
  • over charge protection.
  • Input AC100~240V, 50/60HZ
Charger 2.1 Plug Type


shipped free to worldwide by registered mail .